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Do you want to enjoy summer? Fed up of your hay fever?

One in four of us suffer from allergies of some type. Long summer days, festivals, walking in the countryside or picnics etc can be ruined by painful symptoms of hayfever. Homeopathic treatment is best done to lower sensitivity in the early part of the year, however here are just a few of the remedies which are useful in treatment to help soothe the irritation.

Allium Cepa

A strong burning sensation from the nose and eyes with watery discharge. The eyes are sensitive to light, often red and irritated, while the nose can become red and sore from burning, corrosive mucus. violent sneezing, the voice can be hoarse and there may be a hacking cough.


Mainly used when it's mostly the eyes which are affected. The eyelids can swell up and there can be a thick, infected discharge from the eye itself. Often there is a sensation of a foreign body (such as a grain of sand) in the eyes and they can become very gummed up and sore. Nose can be affected but mainly watery discharge. Symptoms are worse in sunlight, at night, in the wind and inside and better for cool, open air. Euphrasia tincture can also be diluted and used as an eye bath to soothe sore eyes.

Nux vomica

If your hayfever makes you really irritable this remedy may fit! There can be a very stuffed up nose in alternating nostrils, intense itching of the ears, nose and eyes and wanting to sneeze but can't. The throat can feel rough and dry and, if the hay fever continues, person can feel sick. Worse in the morning, for stimulants such as coffee or alcohol, for strong smells, and getting cross. Better after a short sleep, for eating or a warm drink.

Arsenicum album

Hayfever with lots sneezing and a blocked nose alternating with a watery discharge. Worse outside and better for staying indoors and keeping warm. Burning and swollen eyes relieved by warm bathing. The right side is generally more affected than the left and worse at night time lying down.

There are many more options, book in a discovery call to see how you can get relief long term and start enjoying summer again.

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