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Strengthening after covid with homeopathy

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

"When will I feel myself again?"

"How much longer will this last?"

There is no easy answer to these questions. Recovering from any virus such as covid, is going to take time, both for the World as a whole, and as individuals. There is hope on the horizon, and homeopathy can really help.

The health watchdog NICE describes long-covid as symptoms carrying on for more than 12 weeks after the initial illness. In reality symptoms which people are reporting are carrying on for months after recovering from the acute phase of covid-19.

Fatigue, cough, headache, brain fog, muscle pain, skin rashes, breathlessness, weakness, lung (fibrosis and inflammation) and kidney issues, heart issues, (arterial fibrillation, palpitations) are some of the main physical symptoms. As important however, is the mental effect of suffering for an extended period of time. Anxiety, low mood, despair of recovery, frustration, irritation, and anger are common emotional challenges described by sufferers.

There is now recognition of the destructive effect of long-covid, and some help and advice from NHS and supportive agencies which can be really useful.

Listening to people's experience it is clear that the long term effects of this virus can be devastating and seriously impact your quality of life.

Therefore I want to tell you about the potential of homeopathic treatment to go alongside your recovery program.

Homeopathy is uniquely placed to treat these symptoms, mental and physical. As a holistic therapy which takes into account every part of a persons suffering, it can have a positive impact on both.

During a homeopathic consultation with me, I will be listening carefully to how this has effected your whole life, work, family, mental and physical health taking time to try to understand your own unique experience. The remedy ( homeopathic medicine) is prescribed based on this information and works with your body to promote the process of healing.

These are just some of the possible remedies and symptoms. However there are many many more, so a professional consultation is essential. This is purely a guide to show the scope of homeopathic treatment, and should not be used for home prescribing.

The key symptoms of long-covid are many, however fatigue, anxiety, weakness, and relapsing symptoms are addressed by some of these remedies.


· Lingering low level fever.

· If they are chilly, with heats and chills can have the shakes, anxious about future.

· Weakness and heaviness of limbs and eyelids, wants to sleep a lot, can’t keep eyes open.

China officinalis

· Continued fatigue, with chilliness.

· Anaemic

· Sensitive to touch : to motion : to cold air.

· Worse alternate days.

· Weariness of limbs, with desire to stretch move or change position.

· Especially good if your illness has had a gastric element with some dehydration.

Kalium phosphoricum

· General weakness depressed mood which is difficult to shake off.

Arsenicum album

· Very Chilly, sits wrapped up.

· Restlessness both in mind and body, anxiety : fearful of relapse : fatigue lying down

· Oversensitive, irritable, despair of recovery

· Unique symptoms include, red-hot needle pains. Sensation of ice-water running through veins.

· Or feels like boiling water going through blood vessels.

· Thirsty, only for sips of cold water.

Phosphoric Acid

· Lethargy with no energy for anything

· Flat feeling, not enjoying things your normally would have

· Poor memory, and difficulty remembering words

· Want to shut yourself off from everyone

· Spasmodic tickling cough worse for talking


· Flitting chilliness, Cold creeps in back. Chilly in warm room. Profuse morning sweat.

· Heat as if hot water thrown over their body and head.

· One-sided chilliness - heat - sweat.

· External warmth intolerable. Worse in a close room.

· Palpitation with anxiety

· Mood and everything seems better outside

· Better for slow movements, a brief slow walk for example.

· Dry cough at night, goes on sitting up : returns only on lying down again.

· Thirstless: no hunger.

· Very weepy, really want comfort and consoling.


· Partially recovers and then relapses. Frequent flushes of heat. Uneasiness.

· Very sensitive to open air, to draughts, worse for washing and bath.

· Oppression, burning, stitches, congestion in chest.

· Heat, feeling hot with cold feet the soles burn at night, which are better out of the duvet.

· Hungry - starving at 11 a.m.

· Drowsy by day : restless at night. Nightmares.

In the cases of complications of the lungs, and damage of tissues and organs, there are remedies with affinities to help symptoms, for example tuberculinum can have a real impact on lasting inflammation of the lung area. My next article will cover this is more detail.

There is no one remedy fits all for this, professional tailored treatment, over time is needed to achieve maximum effect.

The journey out of a post-viral state may feel challenging, however with thorough professional homeopathic consultations and prescriptions, there is the huge potential for recovery.

If you would like to know more about how homeopathic treatment can help you, call or text me on 07729712428 for a free initial discovery call. I would love to hear from you.

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