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Breathing easily? Homeopathy and lung damage post covid.

How can homeopathy help?

One of the many issues people are struggling with post Covid are bouts of breathlessness and difficulty regaining lung function. Breathing easy can be a challenge.

In this article I want to look at how homeopathic remedies may be able to help with some of the symptoms. This is again not intended as a guide for self -prescribing more to explore the possibilities. A professional homeopath is needed to bring about lasting relief. Also respiratory impairment is serious and you should keep in touch with your GP or respiratory consultant.

We know that one of the main areas affected by Covid -19 is the lungs. Even if the original disease was not severe enough to require intervention ( by oxygen or ventilators etc) damage done during the acute phase can last many months. Pulmonary scaring, resulting in breathlessness and prolonged cough are widely experienced. It is possible to heal from this. Lungs can repair, and over time and functionality restored.

One of the problems of post-covid illness is that the symptoms are so varied and can change daily. This makes it hard for conventional drug therapies to treat effectively. All medical advice is pointing to a holistic approach, which great as that is exactly how homeopathy works.

When looking at symptoms in homeopathy I explore with you to understand your experience of the disease. Each person will be effected in many different ways. To get to the heart of this I will ask many questions to be able to see the whole picture.

For example. questions about what makes it better or worse, what time of day you are most effected, what kind of noise do you make while breathing? Do you have fibrosis as a result? Are you still coughing? What is the cough like? Are you in pain? Together with how you are doing mentally and emotionally, provide me with a individual picture of how you are feeling.

These 3 remedies I that can be useful in treating lung issues from long-covid. ( just a few as an example as always there are many more!)

Antimonium Tartaricum

This remedy has been very effective in treating the acute breathing issues during covid-19 however can be very useful in certain situations longer term. It has a particular effect on the mucous membranes of the lungs.

  • Lungs damaged can fill up with mucus which the body cannot expel.

  • A rattling sound on breathing, with a feeling of lots of mucus in the lungs.

  • A cough which makes you sit up, worse for lying down.

  • Threatened paralysis of the lungs.

  • Despair of ever getting well, frightened when alone.

  • There is also much anxiety with this cough and breathing difficulties, often waking the person at night with panic.

  • One patient of mine described this to me as feeling like they might drown, and just wanted to cough it up. Ant Tart relieved the sensation and the anxiety, and allowed the cough to become more productive.

Arsenicum Ioditum

Useful remedy that acts again on the mucus membranes of the lungs and bronchial inflammation.

Breathlessness with night sweats (generally hot also). Generally chilly person, and can go alongside problems with the kidneys.

  • Breathlessness even on slight exertion

  • Coughing up yellow mucus

  • Diarrhea especially in the morning

  • Pain in the chest

  • Recurring low level fevers

  • Glands affected, swollen.

  • Weakness with all symptoms.

Carbo Vegetabilis

This a deep acting remedy which can have an effect even on fairly difficult lung conditions. Suited to a person who previous to illness had great energy and drive.. “fire in their belly” , hard workers. In the ill state however, this quickly changes to total collapse and weakness, indifference to pretty much everything, exhaustion mentally and physically which Is overwhelming. This remedy is sometimes called the "corpse reviver" as the person can feel dead inside, and look like that too.

  • Very much worse before bedtime and esp first thing in the morning when waking

  • A cough which is really bad first thing and can drive you out of bed to cough and often vomit.

  • Breathing difficult due to paralysis of the lungs, worse when walking.

  • Blue tones in skin and lips due to lack of oxygen.

  • Lingering lung complaints especially after a viral inflammation.

  • Person is very chilly, skin cold to touch, breath cold, nose cold, but still likes movement of air around them, for example the car window open will make them feel better.

  • Everything is sluggish, slow and difficult, digestion as well as respiratory system.

  • Slow and sluggish thought processes too, finding it difficult to make a decision, and memory can be affected.

These are just a few remedies which may be helpful. I hope it illustrates the scope of homeopathy to address the disease, and encompass a wide variety of symptoms. Long-covid has so many facets to it and effects everyone in a different way. If you would like to discuss how homeopathic treatment might be a part of your road to recovery, please do get in touch via my form on the website, email, or phone. I would love to hear from you!

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