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what to expect

your initial consultation

Firstly I will be taking plenty of time to listen to you - a vital part of the homeopathic process. Together we will discuss your current symptoms and also your journey to this point. I will explore your medical history, and build up a picture of your physical and emotional makeup. We will talk about things like your sleep patterns, lifestyle and food preferences. For children, depending on their age, this can be a conversation with parent and child together.


It is often an interesting and surprising experience! A good clear picture of you will help me identify the best remedy for your symptoms. I will then send you your remedy, or if you are overseas, I may recommend a local pharmacy for your prescription. The medicine will be in the form of small pills or liquid, and I will send clear instructions on how to take them.


The journey of healing has then begun, and keeping in touch with me is really important to asses your progress. You can do this by email or text, to ensure you feel supported up until your follow up appointment, which normally follows about four weeks later.

follow up consultations

Around four to six weeks later, we will look at what progress the remedy has bought and plan where we go from there. The follow up appointments are shorter lasting up to an hour. How many appointments you will need is very dependent on the nature of the condition and how long you have been suffering. Everyone responds to homeopathic treatment in different ways. A good rule of thumb is one month for every year you have been unwell. This can vary however - there are no hard and fast rules. Once you are on the road to recovery then we will be in touch on an 'as and when' basis when the need arises.

consultation fees

first consultation - 1.5 hr

Adult £85


Child or full time student £60

subsequent consultations - 1 hr

Adult £50

Child or full time student £40

acute consultations - 20 mins

All existing clients £20

prescription charges

Remedies are included in the cost of your consultation


You are welcome to pay by bacs, cheque or cash on or before the day of your appointment 

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