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why choose homeopthy?

Safe, natural and effective

Homeopathy is an alternative and complimentary medical system that has been used by millions of people around the world for the last 200 years.


It is a dynamic and powerful form of treatment that works with your
body's own healing ability to restore your health and well being. This differs from conventional medicines which can suppress symptoms without looking at the whole picture.


Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment which looks at symptoms in your body and mind as one being. There is no separation of mental and physical health. Ill health occurs when our systems become overwhelmed and can no longer remain in balance. When this happens your body sends out distress signals that all is not well, by creating symptoms, i.e, stomach issues, anxiety, headaches etc.

These symptoms are our guide to select the remedy which will give you the best helping had it needs to restore equilibrium and health. This process can be swift in short term conditions like flu and stomach bugs - relief can be fairly instant. Conditions that you have had longer and which are more ingrained in the system such as eczema, chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few, are more gradual to resolve.

Homeopathic medicines are called remedies. There are so far around four thousand to choose from and new ones are being added to the list all the time. The remedies are made from things found in nature, and are totally safe, non-toxic, and without the side effects of conventional drugs.

This makes homeopathic treatment safe for women in pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers, children, but also for anyone wanting to improve their health in a genuinely natural way, whilst also working effectively along side your existing medication, where needed.

To find out more, contact me for a free fifteen minute chat to explore how I can help you, or click on the links below to read about the scientific evidence behind homeopath.


The evidence for homeopathy from the British Homeopathic Association


Faqs about research into homeopathy from the Homeopathy Research Institute


Scientific evidence from the Faculty of Homeopathy

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